To better picture about Coincap, we should first understand what actually Cryptocurrency is. Cryptocurrency refers to the cryptographic currency, it is a virtual currency which uses an encryption method to manage the generation of currency units and also to verify funds transfer. It operates independently from a centralized bank. In short, it is a digital asset which is designed to perform as a medium of exchange.


Bitcoin is the highest capitalized ledger currency. Coincap website aims at making available all the crypto currencies for trade purposes. This site can help you to make money by buying and selling crypto currencies on the basis of market demand.


Coincap is an international crypto currency exchange, which allows people to buy a particular currency and sell that currency with anticipating the recent market prices to make some profit. Bitcoins are much easier to start training in crypto currency because it allows users to start trading right away within an hour.

There is another crypto currency, which also gets traded more frequently, but compared to bitcoins Forex takes much more time to even transfer the money to another account. This site offers over hundreds of available crypto currencies. Users need to have some expertise about on estimating the price and availability of the supply that the users need to purchase. Also, users don’t need to invest too much in a purchase.

Other Currencies than Bitcoin

Most of the crypto currencies look at bitcoin as a trend setter, it has popularly gained a high standard for all the crypto currencies. Those other crypto currencies are a bit difficult to get as compare to Bitcoin. Some of them are,


Over the period of time Ethereum has captured the second largest market capitalized after Bitcoin with the capitalization of 4.46 billion dollars.


The list in the year 2012 Ripple has gained a market capitalization of over 1.26 billion dollars, because of its global settlement offers which include low cost payments and instant payment.


Light coin is an independent payment network, which is not in control of any centralized authorities. It was created by a MIT graduate who was a Google engineer namely Charlie Lee in the year of 2012.

Risks of Using Coincap

  • Unpredictable of how the market dynamically changes.
  • As the crypto currencies are rare, so is the leverage cost of getting a currency is high.
  • As the site maintains every single drop of record multiple exchanges of currencies lead to increasing rates.