Gambling is now legal games in almost everywhere in the world. But if you are living far away from the country where these gambling games are playing frequently then what do you do? You need a trusted and transparent online transaction from where you can get prizes after winning. For this because you need a process and a good site of playing gambling.

What is the process to get prizes?

You can win normal money or some attractive prizes after winning a game but if you know about the digital coins and its uses then you don’t need to worry about money’s side effects. This will work like a unit of money. This is probably the best way to earn money from gambling sites. If you see that one site accepts this digital money then, you can trust them blindly.

What are the digital coins in online?

Now you should know about digital coins. There are lots of digital coins but the popular is bitcoin. But in recent times there is a division of bitcoin. People call it as the twin of bitcoin. The name of the twin is bitcoin cash. If you search, then you can find that most of the gambling sites support this twin because this is more suitable than original bitcoin.

Differences between these two bitcoin

The main difference is bitcoin has 1mb block size whereas bitcoin cash has 8mb block size. This helps in transaction. For bitcoin cash the transaction is so cheap than original bitcoin. So you should choose the bitcoin cash for your transaction. The implementation of bitcoin cash I bitcoin core and for bitcoin cash this will be bitcoin XT which is the upgrade version of bitcoin core.

Different types of bitcoin supporting sites in online

You can find these sites in online but from here you will know little bit about these sites. From these sites you can play gambling easily. These are –

  • Cloudbet casino – this is the famous site is online to play bitcoin dice gambling like casino, poker etc.
  • Betcoin – this is full service bitcoin accepted gambling site.
  • mBitcasino – you can find loyal withdrawal and depositor for any games in this site.

Reviews of this site

Before playing any games you should read the reviews of those sites and games. This is the mirror of any games and sites. You can find the real advices about these games and site from real users.